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Welcome to Extreme Motorsport we are seeking people from around the world to take on an extreme challenge. The Fastest Blindfolded Driver on Earth World Record.


The current world record is held by Mike Newman who achieved a credible 186.12mph in a Porsche 911 GT2 on 24th September 2013.


To achieve a new world record we are providing a 200mph Ferrari 458 Challenge Race Car. The challenge is to drive the Ferrari (Blindfolded) as fast as possible over a one mile distance in opposite directions within a given time.


The average speed over both runs are calculated and if it is faster than 186.12mph you will become the Fastest Blindfolded Driver on Earth! Full training and the challenge takes place over two days .


We have chosen 2 mile runways in 6 Countries to hold our world series challenge with the final shoot out on a 3 mile runway in the USA.


Each event will consist of 6 challengers with the fastest being entered into the final in a 270mph hyper car.




















The Fastest Blindfolded Driver on Earth World Series is being filmed and will form a 6 part TV series.


Entry into the Fastest Blindfolded Driver on Earth World Record Challenge is FREE. Applicants must be over 21 years old and hold a current driving licence

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The challenge mentor and head coach will lead the training and will be driving the chase car behind the blindfolded drivers who compete for the World Record.

He will be in constant contact with the blindfolded drivers via a pro-comms system wired into his and the challenger's helmets.  Using a military method for driving at night with the lights off, LEFT/CLICK RIGHT/CLICK with each CLICK command being a small turn of the steering wheel, this will guide the challengers through the one mile zone as straight as possible.


In theory, this method sounds easy, but in reality, the brain can think you are driving straight, when you are actually veering left or right and possibly driving off the runway.  This challenge isn't easy and not for the faint hearted.


If driving blindfolded in a Ferrari isn't scary enough for you?  How about riding blindfolded on a motorbike.  The current blindfolded World Record is 164.87mph held by Billy Baxter (UK) 2nd August 2003.


We are preparing a special Ducati 999 racebike designed to beat the current record.

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Ducact shown above is a 749r turbo from Ducati Bunbury

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