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Do you want to be the Fastest Blindfolded Driver on Earth?        FREE ENTRY


We are seeking interesting people from around the world to enter the Fastest Blindfolded Driver on Earth World Series


We are seeking people with a story to tell, have you overcome a disability, a phobia, or would you like to do the challenge for chairty.


Are you a female who would like to give the guys a run for there money?


Do you have interesting occupation? Tell as as much about yourself and please include a recent photograph of yourself.








You may want to become an ambassador for your chosen charity and be a regular dare devil who attempts many extreme challenges to raise funds. We, at Extreme Motorsport have many challenges planned around the world which are suitable for this role.  


If you want to learn more about our world record challenge and how you can enter, fill in the submit box on the left and we will get some more information to you.  


NOTE: International challengers

are welcome.





Minimum Age 21


Max Height 6'6 (2.0117m)


Max Weight 260lb (117kg)

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