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Do you want to be the Fastest Blindfolded Driver on Earth ?


You may want to consider entering into the 'Fastest Blindfoled Driver on Earth World Record Challenge for Charity!  Most charities will welcome your support and the media coverage that you will receive for doing such an extreme challenge.


How it works:  You choose a charity and pledge to give them all the funds you raise above the entrance fee and for any other personal expenses you may need to participate in the challenge.


You may find you can raise thousands more than the commercial route or you could even combine them both.



BECOME A CHARITY AMBASSADOR:  You may want to become an ambassador for your chosen charity and be a regular dare devil who attempts many extreme challenges to raise funds. We, at Extreme Motorsport have many challenges planned around the world which are suitable for this role.  


COMPANY SPONSORSHIP: You can seek companies to sponsor you to enter the challenge.


An increasing number of small business owners are affiliating themselves with motorsport to get their business noticed, or even to help promote their products and services.  Not only is this a primary means for developing a powerful network, but it also helps others in the process.


If you want to learn more about our world record challenge and how you can enter, fill in the submit box on the left and we will get some more information to you.  


NOTE: International challengers

are welcome.


Minimum Age 21


Max Height 6'6 (2.0117m)


Max Weight 260lb (117kg)

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